Rosalba Nattero

Giancarlo Barbadoro
Flutes, poems

Luca Colarelli
Guitar, Bagpipes, Harp

Andrea Lesmo
Bouzuki, Keyboards

Gianluca Roggero


The LabGraal is one of the keltic music groups that with great merit has acquired a lead role in the european musical scene.
The group springs from the inspiration of its solo vocalist Rosalba Nattero, one of the clearest and most incisive voices of keltic music, who researches into, as well as interprets, music from ancient popular folklore.
Rosalba Nattero has followed a road of musical research that has brought her into contact with the traditions of the planet's tribal populations and most of all with the keltic tradition, that she has always been fond of.
The group has already released four CDs and a single: "In the Stone Circle", "Samain", "Northern Wind" and the most recent "Sacred Land", four compilations of Irish, Scottish, Breton music in which the group has trasmitted the musical experiences that they lived in the countries of keltic culture, and the single "Mother Earth People" in which keltic music and Native american sounds meet.
Soon to be released the new album "Mother Africa", a soundtrack in which the LabGraal moves through keltic and traditional African sounds, and the cd "Dreaming" recorded in Melbourne with the Native Australian musician Jida Gulpilil.
The LabGraal has performed in the major italian and european music exhibitions always obtaining a grand success with the public and critics. Following examples include: the Australian tour, the keltic festival "Fest-Noz of Carnac" (Brittany), the three editions of the "Festival Celtique" of Aosta, the keltic festival "Fairylands" of Rome, the festival "Mind, Body & Spirit" of London, the European Music Festival of Rome, the Swiss exhibition "Meridemusica", the festival "Ireland in Concert" of Turin and the numerous concerts held in ancient castles, medieval towns and megalithic sites.
The LabGraal's activities also extend into theater: in collaboration with the director Stefano Milla the group has realized a musical that took stage with an acclaimed success within the major Italian theaters.
The group's official debut was in London at the 1986 Mind, Body and Spirit fair, where they played a collection of folk music, although the idea of the group had been born several years before, when the ideas of Rosalba Nattero coincided with those of Giancarlo Barbadoro in a common search for the Graal.
Thus, right from its birth, LabGraal has been hallmarked by its two spirits, one dedicated to the creative expression of folk music and the other to the poetry that springs from the direct contact with nature.
The later arrival of Andrea Lesmo, bouzuki and keyboards, Luca Colarelli, bagpipes, harp and guitar, and Gianluca Roggero, percussion, stimulated a deep level of collaboration going beyond the music and establishing the current lineup.
Giancarlo Barbadoro participates within the group as flautist and poet.
The LabGraal has also given life to the keltic dance group "Triskel", that revives and represents the ancient popular dances of the Keltic countries, which often accompanies the group's concerts.